Set Build

Set build services London

Stop motion studios

Building things is what we do

We have a team of awesome skilled set builders and model makers who can help you bring your ideas to life!

Foam clouds, mini fast cast cars, living rooms, motorbikes, puppets and kitchens sets we can make it.

We can also provide a full production design service if needed. Delivering preliminary design options, CAD drawings and mood boards before cutting and set building begins. 

Experience working with filmmakers, animators, photographers, production companies and artists to design and build sets to their needs. For more information call us now.

Room Sets

Metal Fabrication

Flats, Plinths, Flooring



Smart Energy Meter

Somesuch x MGC

Kiri / Haji

BBC x Netflix x MGC

Disney Soft Toys

Disney x Yamination


Passion Pictures x Yamination

CAD & Sketch-up Design Services

Photo film studio hire

We offer 1100 sqft of production & shoot space with a full 80ft Infinity cove, green screen, client space, makeup area & changing facilities.


+44 (0) 20 3935 7856

8:30am daily onwards
24 hr access can be arranged
3 - 7 Mowlem Street
London, E2 9HE